Expert Group meeting on policy needs for data on crime

The Expert Group Meeting on Policy Needs for Data on Crime was organized by the Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME) on 30th November 2018 in Brussels. Presentations gave an overview on the various data collections and studies carried out in the topic of crime statistics.

GOPA Luxembourg presented the first findings of the project Overview of the Availability, Comparability and Consistency of Administrative Statistical Data on Recorded Crime and on the Stages of the Criminal Justice Process in the EU. The project is commissioned by DG HOME and aims to inform policy makers on crime and criminal justice which are indispensable for developing evidence-based policy at EU level.

DG HOME presented the results of several data collections: data collection on the treatment of corruption cases in the criminal justice system in EU Member States, pilot data collection on asset freezing and confiscation and pilot data collection on Cyber Crime offences.

Study on “Supporting global data collection and analysis on firearms trafficking and fostering cooperation and information sharing, in particular among countries along major trafficking routes to/from the EU” was presented by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) presented its work on Drug Supply Indicators.

Participants engaged in a fruitful discussion on the presentations and on the priorities of data collections on crime.

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New award with Eurostat!

GOPA Luxembourg in joint-venture with GOPA Consultants have been awarded the following contract: “Assistance to the performance of the quality reviews in Eurostat”.

The general objective of the contract is to get assistance for the performance of quality reviews in Eurostat through one “intra-muros” service provider through two main tasks:

  • Provide assistance in performing quality reviews at process and output levels;
  • Provide assistance in the follow-up of quality reviews’ improvement actions and reporting.

The contract will run under the form of 4 separate yearly contracts.


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Continued collaboration with Eurostat

GOPA Luxembourg S.à.r.l. is glad to announce that their joint-venture led by GOPA Consultants has successfully been ranked 1st in the cascade of the Eurostat Framework Contract “Supply of statistical services in statistical methodology”. The Framework Contract will initially run for 2 years, with a possible extension for 2 more years.

This is a great recognition of the work done in the past four years with the similar Eurostat contract. In such a period several projects have been successfully implemented leading to very appreciated and innovative results.

Now, GOPA Luxembourg and GOPA Consultants are ready for the new challenge and they will join their strengths and expertise to provide sound methodological support in all statistical areas and innovation in statistics.

Our ambition is to contribute to the modernisation of the official statistics by developing new methods and design new ways for constructing statistical data.

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GOPA Luxembourg participated to the 12th “Journée de l’Economie”

The Ministry of the Economy, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and FEDIL – The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry, in cooperation with PwC Luxembourg organized the 12th annual event – “Journée de l’Economie” on 22 March 2018. This event assembles an interesting community of decision makers, entrepreneurs, professors and leaders across Europe and most importantly, from Luxembourg constituting one of the key events of Luxembourg’s corporate agenda.

The economic crisis versus qualitative growth, drivers of competitiveness and increased productivity, both globally and in Luxembourg were one of this year’s main topics debated through several slots of in-depth discussions moderated by Serge Allegrezza, Director General of STATEC and Observatory for Competitiveness, and François Mousel, PwC Luxembourg Partner.

Different ideas and views exchanged during the conference provided GOPA Luxembourg team with useful insides about Luxembourg’s public and private sector strategy for country’s long-term growth leading to a rethink of the current business models and own growth strategies and investments.

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Support to National Accounts and BOP, Prices and Social Statistics in Luxembourg

GOPA Luxembourg has been awarded a new three-year framework contract to provide support to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (STATEC).

Overall, the project includes strengthening the national expertise to produce high-quality statistics and effectively implementing the European Statistics Code of Practice. The support is carried out by GOPA team members through long mission as intra-muros experts or through targeted short intervention s providing advanced methodological support to its STATEC counterparts.

Generally, the service contract focuses on three statistical areas which belong to the core competences of GOPA Luxembourg:

  • National accounts and balance of payments;
  • Price statistics, and;
  • Social statistics.

In the area of macroeconomics statistics, the project consists of specific support to compilers of national accounts, balance of payments on methodological and practical issues related to global production such as:

  • Analysis and improvement of the consistency between Luxembourg’s balance of payments statistics and the external account of national accounts;
  • Better coverage and separate data on employee stock options, prices of financial services and data for margins on buying and selling transactions in financial services;
  • Treatment and recording of standardised guarantees.

The GOPA team therefore also supports the efficient production of robust Quarterly Sectoral Accounts (QSA) and the integration of new classifications in the whole process of the compilation of national accounts.

In the second project, GOPA team supports a topical subject in price statistics regarding the use of scanner data to compile consumer price indices (CPIs). The use of such data sources like scanner data shall contribute to CPIs with higher accuracy due to bigger samples.


Finally, this three-year project supports STATEC with high level expertise in social statistics to provide input on the future development of EU-SILC and its implementation, and will thus improve the relevance of Luxembourg’s social statistics, which is a high priority for STATEC.

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