GOPA Luxembourg supports the European Commission to monitor economic performance of EU countries

GOPA Luxembourg supports the European Commission, and in particular the Eurostat’s unit National accounts methodology, to monitor economic and monetary performance of the EU  for the next 4 years via the Principal European Economic Indicators (PEEIs): Foreign direct investments, GDP, turnover in services, unemployment, labour cost, inflation rate, interest rates, house prices, etc.. Those are non-exhaustive examples of highly valuable information for decision makers (at national, regional, supra-national levels), investors, journalists, researchers and, to a larger extent, all citizens.

GOPA Luxembourg mobilizes its expertise to ensure the regular updates of econometric analyses, data, tables and graphs based on PEEIs. In addition, we will produce the monthly Eurostatistics publication to strengthen the dissemination of the PEEIs.

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Image: Eurostatistics — Data for short-term economic analysis — 2020 edition — 02/2020

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