The Implementation of a Multilateral Price Index Method for Scanner Data in the Luxembourg CPI

Scanner data has been introduced in the Luxembourg CPI in 2018 using the “dynamic basket” method. The drawbacks of this method lied in its inability to incorporate all available products and in its inability to directly incorporate the selected products’ turnover information into price index calculations. To avoid these drawbacks, while also avoiding a possible

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International Trade in Services Asymmetries and Classifications

We are proud to have supported the European Commission (Eurostat) in a research project focused on the International Trade in Services Statistics by analysing two aspects: Trade asymmetries with available major trading partners and correspondences between services product classifications. In the execution of the first part, we developed a tool that automatically extracts and compares

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Handbooks on cyclical composite indicators, rapid estimates and seasonal adjustment

Between the second half of 2017 and the first half of 2018, Eurostat has published three handbooks related to production, utilization and analysis of infra-annual macroeconomic statistics. The topics of the handbooks, in chronological sequence, concern: “cyclical composite indicators”, “rapid estimates” and ”seasonal adjustment”. The first two handbooks have been jointly published with the United

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