The annual GOPA Statistics workshop organised for the first time by GOPA Luxembourg

GOPA Luxembourg organised for the first time the annual GOPA Statistics workshop, a joint event put together by the GOPA Group through the STATS Department of GOPA mbH and GOPA Luxembourg S.ar.l. The workshop was held on 6-7 November 2018 at the Alvisse Parc Hotel in Luxembourg. The event benefitted from the participation of GOPA Group Chairman, Dr Martin Güldner, and GOPA Worlwide Consultants Director General, Mr Berthold Averweg.

The GOPA Statistics workshop serves as a platform to coordinate the activities of the statistical departments of GOPA mbH and GOPA Luxembourg S.ar.l. More than a simple team building event, the workshop allowed for the review of 2018 achievements and the formulation of priorities and business targets for the upcoming year, helping to engage GOPA management and human resources to common development goals. It is also a great opportunity to exchange ideas aiming to further promote GOPA’s image and sustainability on the market.

The GOPA Statistics workshop was also accompanied by a series of social initiatives, such as a guided tour of the old town in Luxembourg city and a social dinner. The workshop concluded with a cocktail event, an invitation from GOPA Luxembourg for the entire GOPA Statistics team, but as well for GOPA’s business partners, clients and other stakeholders as a means for gratitude for being Partners in Progress for many years.

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