GOPA is pleased to announce it supports Eurostat in developing a methodology and the relevant tools to retrieve information from the World Wide Web on EU businesses in the civil drones sector. Unmanned aircraft systems – more commonly known as drones – are considered to be a disruptive technology that will transform many industries.

The project started when the new European Drone Regulation set out by the EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) entered into force. Despite the EU having one of the most advanced regulations on unmanned aircrafts in the world, at European level there are currently no official statistics on drones and their usage in the EU. One of the objectives of the recent EU regulation is to sustain the development of drone activities without adding additional burdens on the economic operators. At the same time the founding principles of the regulation might create useful data sources in the future, since EU Member States will create and maintain digital registers on certified drones and drone operators.

Using as use case the drone businesses, the project aims at developing a methodology and the relevant tools for collecting data from the www on any new emerging economic trend. The project is part of the European Statistical System Trusted Smart Statistics Centre, a module under the Web Intelligence Hub, aimed  at providing fundamental building blocks for harvesting information from the web.

The project is being implemented in collaboration with Statistics Netherlands, and researchers from the Universidad Politècnica de Valencia, and will run until November 2021.

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