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EIGE’s database on gender statistics


The objective of this project was to produce a statistics database with data and metadata on gender statistics for the EU 28 through updating, expanding and integrating the existing statistical datasets on gender equality produced by EIGE into a centralized source of information to be incorporated and made available at EIGE’s online resources and documentation centre.


  • Mapping and describing the structure of existing datasets already produced by EIGE;
  • Proposing the structure for merging EIGE’s existing databases;
  • Assessing, verifying and adjusting data and information collected by EIGE to match the statistical data quality criteria defined by the ESS and applied by Eurostat;
  • Producing an overview of the sources of information and data to be used for the update and extension of the database;
  • Updating and completing information already gathered by EIGE in the form of data and metadata on gender statistics;
  • Producing an updated and comprehensive database on gender statistics with a users’ guide/manual.
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