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November 2020.


September 2021.

Manual on the production of Structural Business Statistics

With this project, GOPA Luxembourg is supporting Eurostat in the production of a Manual for Structural Business Statistics (SBS) that will provide guidelines for SBS compilers and producers. This manual contains detailed, domain-specific methodologies, which are linked to the European Business Statistics (EBS) domain. It takes into consideration and incorporates the new requirements of the Framework Regulation Integrating Business Statistics (FRIBS).

For the compilation of Structural Business Statistics (SBS), Member States apply various statistical methods and sources, such as surveys, administrative data, model-based estimations or imputations. Currently, information on SBS is available through the Eurostat website’s dedicated SBS section, Statistics explained articles, links to the database and main tables as well as to metadata and national metadata. The Structural Business Statistics Manual will serve as a single reference document, providing easier access to SBS-related guidelines and information. The Manual will be available in the second quarter of 2021.

GOPA Luxembourg’s experts are currently developing second draft, which will be discussed within the SBS working group with Eurostat and the Member States; and published later this year.  

The SBS Manual will be a valuable addition to the already existing, overarching European Business Statistics Manual and the European business statistics methodological manual for statistical business registers- 2021 edition.

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