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Overview of the availability, comparability and consistency of administrative statistical data on recorded crime and on the stages of the criminal justice process in the EU


The objective of this project is to review from which authorities on all stages of the criminal justice process, in all EU Member States, data on at least the following indicators are available:

  • Acts involving the proceeds of crime (including illicit trafficking of stolen goods);
  • Counterfeiting of means of payment;
  • Environmental crime;
  • Forgery/counterfeiting of documents;
  • Fraud, including fraud affecting the Union financial interests;
  • Illicit trafficking in cultural goods;
  • Intellectual property offences (including counterfeiting of goods and copy-right offences);
  • Participation in an organised criminal group;
  • Sexual exploitation of children;
  • Smuggling of goods (including in relation to customs and excise duties and taxes);
  • Tax crimes (related to direct taxes and indirect taxes);
  • Terrorism;
  • Trafficking of weapons and explosives, including firearms.

Additionally, the availability of different counting units for each indicator, the availability of different demographic breakdowns and the availability of data on event disaggregation should be assessed.

The assessment of the availability of these indicators on crime and criminal justice is necessary to assess the comparability and consistency of available administrative statistics on crime and criminal justice.


  • Development of data collection instrument;
  • Assessment of data availability;
  • Assessment of data consistency and data comparability.
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