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Preparation of the tender on EU-SILC survey for the households in Luxembourg

The European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC) is the main source of information on income distributions and living conditions in Europe used for the monitoring of the poverty target set in the Europe 2020 strategy. It is an instrument aiming at collecting timely and comparable cross-sectional and longitudinal multidimensional microdata.

This survey is conducted annually by the STATEC with a representative sample of the resident population in Luxembourg.


The project objective was to help STATEC to prepare the tender documents which will allow to select providers and estimate STATEC’s own workload during the implementation of this outsourcing.


  • A general introductory note of the strategy for achieving the EU-SILC survey specifying the general schedule of the operation, the type of procedure, the scope of contracted work and the scope of the work to be ensured by STATEC and an estimate of the resources needed;
  • For each call to tender, the tender documents and in particular the annex containing the technical specifications;
  • A description of the internal procedures to be used for technical monitoring and control of work performed by contractors.
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