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Supply of statistical services in statistical methodology – Lot 1 “Methodological support”

European statistics are developed, produced and disseminated by fostering comparability through definition and promotion of standards and harmonised methods. The National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) of the Member States collect and produce harmonised data which is used by Eurostat to compile statistics at European level. In most subject domains, Eurostat has to validate, analyse, and make adjustments and estimations before releasing European statistics. The methods used in Eurostat depend on the collected data and the statistics produced. Eurostat collects micro and aggregated data as well as mixed type of data.

Methodological framework contracts are meant to be a tool that allows mobilising leading experts to provide highly specialised methodological support and methodological analyses as requested.


The main objective of the lot “Methodological support” is to provide methodological support in all statistical areas from process design to data dissemination.

Objectives also cover support to the quality assessment exercise, optimisation and integration of statistical production processes, evaluation of realisation and benefits of different ESS-wide projects, and awareness rising and coachings on current and new statistical methods and tools.

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