GOPA Projects



Support to the implementation of the community statistical programme in the field of national accounts, price and social statistics


The objective was to provide technical assistance on methodology, operations and organization aspects in the various statistical fields of the project. Methodological expertise was provided for data collection (administrative data sources and survey), data processing and analysis (SAS, R, STATA), preparation of statistical publications, as well as, organisation of workshops and national account training.

Fields covered:

  • Price statistics;
  • Groundwork for the implementation of the new 4-level COICOP classification;
  • Development of suitable methodologies for the compilation of housing price indexes;
  • System of environmental and economic accounts (SEEA);
  • Development of statistics on environmental goods and services;
  • Estimation of national statistics related to the environmental protection expenses;
  • European System of Accounts (ESA);
  • Methodological and operational support for the preparation of the implementation of ESA 2010;
  • Documentation of the ESA 2010 methodological changes implemented (GNI inventory);
  • Further developments for the implementation of ESA95: reducing the time needed to compile the quarterly accounts, estimation of the illegal economy);
  • Improvement of National Account compilation procedures (SAS development);
  • Social statistics: support to the implementation and data analysis of 3 European surveys;
  • Continuous vocational training survey (CVTS);
  • Adult education survey (AES);
  • Safety survey (SASU).
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