Handbooks on cyclical composite indicators, rapid estimates and seasonal adjustment

Between the second half of 2017 and the first half of 2018, Eurostat has published three handbooks related to production, utilization and analysis of infra-annual macroeconomic statistics. The topics of the handbooks, in chronological sequence, concern: “cyclical composite indicators”, “rapid estimates” and ”seasonal adjustment”. The first two handbooks have been jointly published with the United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD) as part of the outcome of the joint Eurostat and UNSD initiative in response to the global economic and financial crisis. The last one is a Eurostat initiative, supported by the seasonal adjustment expert group jointly led by Eurostat and the European Central Bank.

All Handbooks have been submitted to a rigorous review process via the UNSD global consultation for the first two and via the Eurostat seasonal adjustment network for the last one.

The handbooks have been edited by our Technical Director Gian Luigi Mazzi in his capacity of former Team Leader of the Principal European Economic Indicators (PEEIs) at Eurostat. The handbooks contain several original contributions drafted by world-wide recognized experts.

The handbooks are quite unique publications in their field and they constitute an ideal background for trainings as well as for implementing advanced techniques in the fields of business cycle analysis, production of rapid estimates and  seasonal adjusted data.

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