New contract signed with MEGA Luxembourg on Gender Equality

We are happy to announce that GOPA Luxembourg has signed a new contract with the Ministry of Gender Equality of Luxembourg (MEGA) and the start of the second phase of the project for the creation of an Observatory of Equality between Women and Men.

The scope of the project is the creation, external management and updating of a database of statistics and indicators aiming to describe the role of women and men in the society, economy and family. It is focused on seven domains: Domestic Violence, Employment, Decision-making, Work/life balance, Education, Income, and Health.

After the successful implementation of the first phase of the project, which focused on the domains of the domestic violence and employment, GOPA Luxembourg is glad to offer its expertise for two other domains, namely “decision making” and “work/life balance”.

The results of the project will be available in the end of 2021 and will be incorporated in the Observatory of Equality between Women and Men. This website, dedicated to statistics on women and men in Luxembourg, was created under GOPA Luxembourg’s expertise and is particularly useful to non-expert statistical users.   

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