Big Data

The large amount of new data sources usually referred to as Big Data is changing the world of information and has the potential to a have a significant impact on official statistics.

GOPA Luxembourg staff and experts have invested deeply in this field, looking at Big Data typology; structured versus non-structured datasets; modeling technics for large and sparse datasets; using data mining and data analytic technics; construction of now-casting and new indicators; and developing guidelines and recommendations for the use of Big Data in official statistics. Several working papers and scientific journal articles have been recently published.

Thanks to the efforts of our team, two chapters on this topic have been inserted in the Eurostat and UNSD handbooks on rapid estimates.

GOPA Luxembourg has already participated in several international conferences on Big Data such as the IAOS 2016, CIRET 2016; and NTTS 2017, and will continue to develop and promote its expertise and results in international fora.

Our services:

  • Large variety of training for different levels of participants;
  • Specific capacity building to help our clients achieve full independence in the production, utilization and dissemination of Big Data based statistics and analysis;
  • Investigating Big Data availability, quality and usability for the needs of our clients in the context of official statistics and related international standards;
  • Carrying out and developing feasibility and pilot studies concerning the use of Big Data in official statistics;
  • Designing and implementing new customized processes for the construction of new indicators and developing macroeconomic now-casting using Big Data sources;
  • Developing methodological studies on the construction of Smart statistics and on new typologies of indicators using data mining, text mining and data analytics techniques;
  • Providing technical and methodological advice on the use of Big Data.
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